HeInput Guide

1. HeInput Software User Guide

1. Keyboards for input: numpad or PC main keyboard;

2. Esc Key: Reset input state;

3. Shift Key: Switch to English input mode;

4. Ctrl(Control) Key: Switch to HeInput or PinYin mode;

5. M(0) Key: Display function menu;

6. M(0) Key: Select next candidate when already typed 4 codes(8 digitals);

7. PgUp, PgDn: Change candidate page;

8. Arrow Key: Up or down change candidate selection;

9. Space or Return Key: Commit selected candidate;


10. When using numpad for HeInput, NumLock should be on;

11. 6 or 0 11(MT): Input punctuation;

12. 7 or 0 12(MR): Input mathematic symbols;

13. 8 or 0 13(ME):Input number symbol;

14. 9 or 0 14(MW): Input different English Characters;

15. On NumPad, * key turns number mode On/Off;

16. On NumPad, Del Key functions as Backspace on main keyboard;

17. On NumPad, during HeInput, 9 key functions as Esc on main keyboard;


21. 1 code word: there are 25 most frequently used words which can be selected by 1 code;

22. 2 code word: More than 600 often used words can be selected by 2 codes;

23. When typing on main keyboard, you can type punctuation key to commit selected candidate, also followed by the punctuation symbol, in that way, you save one strike;

24. After you typed 4 codes (8 digitals), you can use SPACE key or RETURN key to commit selected candidate, you can also do that by continious typing next code, in that way you save one strike of SPACE or RETURN.

25. After you typed 4 codes (8 digitals), if there mutiple candidates in list, you can use arrow keys to change selections, you can also do that by typing 0(M) key, this is more convienient way.


2. Suggested Trainning Steps

There are self-training apps on different platform to assists HeChinese learner, such as:

1. Windows XP/7: HeChinese Self-Trainning(和码即学即会);

2. Windows 8+: HeChinese Self-Trainning;

3. iOS (iPhone/iPad): HeInput, HeCharacter;

4. Android: HeCharacter.


All these apps have similar set of traingings include: number input; 25 basic characters; 50 words and structures, characters and their variations, 3-part words; derivative characters, words, phrases,etc.

You are suggested to follow these steps to achieve quick progress:

1. Number input

HeInput works on main keyboard and numpad, but we strongly suggest that starting with numpad, after you finish all trainning steps,and can easily type all Chinese words and phrases on numpad, then switch to using main keyboard to achieve high speed.

  2. 25 basic characters

Understand these characters' compositions, basic meaning, classification, code. Write and type these characters.

3. 50 words and structures

Using 25 basic characters to compose these 50 words, understand basic word structures. Write and type these words.

4. Characters and their variations

Based with 25 basic characters, learn their variations and other more characters, know their compositions, classification, code, and write and type them.

5. 3-part word coding

Understand word coding rule 1: Section word to at most 3 parts, get at most 3 main codes.

Type 3-part words.

6. Derivative character

Understand core character and derivative character, and word coding rule 2: Derivative character may only use its core character's code.

Type words which include derivative character.

7. Phrases coding

Understand phrases coding rules, and practice phrases input.

8. Increase typing speed

Do 1-code words, and 2-code words typing, more is better, dong this can immediately increase typing speed.


Many practices have proved that:

For 15 to 30 years old learners, 3 to 4 hours can complete these training steps. After that if you insists to use HeInut for 2 weeks, you will be proficient at HeInput.

 After some practice, you can easy to achieve typing speed of 40 to 60 words pre minute on numpad, and 60 to 150 words per minute on main keyboard.(You do not need to know these words' meaning and sound)

If you can acquire this skill in such a short time, you will be encourged and feel confident to further your Chinese study on words' meaning and pronunciation.


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