HeInput Installation Guide


1. HeInput Free Download for Several Platforms

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2. HeInput Installation Guide

1. Windows

Please carefully to select right file for your OS.

Windows XP/7, After installation, HeInput method joins in the list of system input methods, then you can do setting through the list, you can using Ctrl+Shift or Alt+Shift to switch input method among system input methods.

For Windows 8, please select and download file: HeInput_Setup_Win8.zip

Unzip the download file to get HeInput_Setup_Win8.exe,run this file to install HeInput.

Since HeInput_Setup_Win8.exe has not been digital signed, Windows system will give you several application sefety warnings, you need to make your decision to allow this installation to complete.

After completed HeInput installation, type (Windows Key + Space), you may find HeInput already in language keyboard list. If not, you may need go to Control Panel, select menu Language, and then add Chinese Language and add HeInput method.


2. iOS(iPhone/iPad)

Install HeInput app from AppStore, then take steps of Settings-->General-->Keyboard-->Add New Keyboard...-->Select THIRD-PARTY KEYBOARDS: iHeInput, this will set HeInput as iOS 8 system input method.


3. Android

Install HeInput from Google Play Store or other App Store, the open HeInpt applition, then following two step instructions to active HeInput and set it as current system input method.


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